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Heading into this, our 7th year of the Audience & Loyalty Mega Summit and nearly 8th year of existence, the 360 Media Alliance has managed to not only hang around despite massive industry challenges, but continue to grow as we face new and exciting challenges. We don’t view ourselves as competing with other industry organizations, but simply a compliment with the goal and objective to assist in the education and innovation wherever possible.

This year, we are going to see a huge pivot by the 360 Media Alliance. We like to view our industry as a three-legged stool. On one leg, we have the traditional print side of the business. While older and more traditional, it still provides the largest revenue stream for most companies. The longer this revenue stream survives, the longer the runway of transition we have. On the second leg of the stool, we have the digital or online side of the business, the shinny new toy, and a growing portion of the revenue model for sure. But rest assured that stools don’t balance very well on only two legs, regardless of the balancing act one employs, they eventually collapse under the stress and strain of poor balance.

This year, the 360 Media Alliance is all about imaging, creating and building that third leg. We are about finding alternative and new revenue streams that make sense and synergize with the first two legs creating a healthy and sustainable balance. We have a small idea of what that third leg will consist of, but the whole story is yet to unfold – but we will be there as it unfolds!

When it comes to innovation, culture change and just flat-out new ideas, you simply can’t have enough incubators or test labs. The more groups and organizations test, try, experiment and foster new innovations, the better off the industry will ultimately be. Now is not the time to be territorial, it is the time to seize the future one creative innovation at a time.

The 360 Media Alliance is dedicated to serving companies and business partners seeking fresh ideas and a realistic approach to the local media landscape. We are simply a concerned group of industry executives and business partners working side by side. Our mission is simply to foster new ideas, facilitate innovative thinking and culture change within the industry. We invite anyone that is interested to get involved, we don’t seek your money; we seek your ideas, participation and willingness to expand your thought process with others.

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