Assisting LOCAL Communities, Business & Media Build Solid Foundations Together!

Locally-owned media companies, the communities they serve along with businesses supporting both are under attack as never before.  From COVID mandates, taxes, government regulations, Wall Street companies expanding and much more, the future of all three stand in the balance.

The 360 Media Alliance is focusing our efforts moving forward in tackling the above issues and many more as we head into our 12th year of existence. Like the organizations above, we are forced to pivot as well to assure we meet the needs of media companies, communities and our business partners. We are volunteer in nature allowing us to operate with minimal overhead while providing so many services. Thanks to our outstanding boards giving their time and energy, we can move forward adapting to the economic climate around us.

Our mission is:
“Assist LOCAL communities, media companies and business to work together building solid foundations in a synergistic way.”

It is no secret that vibrant media companies can lead to vibrant communities and vice-versa. We view our industry revenue model as a three-legged stool.  The first leg is the traditional side of the news-media business, it provides the largest revenue stream for most local news-media companies.  The second leg consists of the digital or online assets we have, which are a growing portion of the revenue model, but not quite ready for the main stage so to speak. The 360 Media Alliance is about creating a third or fourth leg which balances the stool. We must find alternative revenue streams that make sense and provide synergies with the other two legs creating a sustainable balance. While there are many paths we can take, we have opted on building synergies with local communities as our path forward.  We have an idea of what that consists of, but the whole story is yet to unfold!

The 360 Media Alliance has partnered with Truly-Local, to expand their mission to not just save local media companies, but assist in saving the local communities in which news-media companies cover.  Weak communities will not be able to support media companies in the future.  Local news companies can help save themselves by improving the quality of life and vibrancy in their communities. We believe local media companies are the only local business well positioned to assist communities in the most important aspect of growing their community. We have a tailored-made strategy that can be adopted by ANY local media company propelling them on the path to revenue growth, strategic alliances within the community and places them as the informational community town square. It doesn’t require new resources, it is simply adopting a slightly adjusted mindset that helps align the media company with their community in so many ways. You embrace them, they will embrace you back.

Lastly, the  360 Media Alliance is dedicated to our business partners. These partners not only have the ability to assist local media companies through the maze, but they have the ability to make a difference in the local communities return to a renewed vibrancy and growth. We invite everyone to join with us in our effort.  Saving local communities and journalism, the conduit to the “We The People”, isn’t a worthy cause, then what is?

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