"Building Main Street, not Wall Street" Weekly Columns

Building Main Street, Not Wall Street!

Mission Statement: provide a column that educates the entire community, thus enhancing opportunities for news-media companies to reclaim their leadership role in their community.  We assist them in reclaiming their proverbial informational town square setting the stage for civic/economic revitalization for both the news-media company and the community.  We assist with:

Education – we provide education for  both the news-media company and the local community to the real value AND necessity of a Truly-Local mindset, or DNA.  Many communities are losing their economic identity to Amazon, Wall Street and out-of-town corporations which are destroying the businesses, jobs and economic foundation of local communities. I dying community equates to a dying news-media company as well.  It is no wonder our youth are leaving local communities; they are being stripped of meaningful employment opportunities. Good jobs are replaced with retail and/or service sector jobs that accompany these out-of-town business entities.

Build Synergies – it is imperative to revitalize the synergies between the news media company and their community. Relationships with the readers, non-readers, business community, city, government, leaders and social influencers must be cultivated and nurtured.  The news-media company’s future rests on the ability to accomplish this task. Working together will educate and build foundations, both socially and economically allowing both the community and news-media company to not just survive, but thrive.

New Revenue – we assist news-media in opening the doors to new revenue sources existing in many communities. Unfortunately, most news-media companies are unaware of many untapped resources such as the arts and entertainment sector, tourism sector, economic development, place-making, foundation sector, events sector and many others. They need your help and you need theirs.

Resources – in addition to a weekly column, it is our objective to provide additional resources to facilitate this mission. We have developed a easy 32-step strategy that expedites the education and revenue opportunities we discuss through the column. These steps need not cost money or manpower, only a desire to succeed.  We also provide filler ad templates and samples to be adopted in your market allowing visualization of the concepts discussed from week to week.

The economic pressures on local communities are mounting. As this pressure increases, so will the pressure on the local media company. We need our local communities to do well in order for news-media companies to survive.  We have a passion for our industry and the role LOCAL journalism plays in the survival of our communities. There is no greater mission for journalism in today’s economic realities.  We believe our approach has absolutely no downside, but offers huge upside for the news media company and the community their serve.


Dec –   Many Hands Make Light Work
Nov –  Time to Lead is Now!
Nov –  Fun with Innovation & Change Quotes
Nov –  Hope is a Poor Business Strategy
Nov –  Attributes of Successful Communities
Oct –   Case for Downtown Revitalization
Oct –   Fighting Your Infrastructure Shortcomings
Oct –   Beware of the Herd Mentality
Oct –   Retail Challenges Bring Local Opportunity
Sep –   Creating Community Loyalty Starts at the Top
Sep –   Be the Change You Want to See
Sep –   The Financial Case for Small Business
Sep –   Small Towns CAN Retain Younger Generations
Aug –  Thinking Too Small Sinks Communities
Aug –  Best Community Bet is Small Business
Aug –  Move Fast, Time is of the Essence
Aug –  Marketing Savvy in a Digital World
Aug –  A Community’s Untapped Resource
Jul –   Addition by Subtraction
Jul –   Supporting Local Media Has Become Patriotic
Jul –   Business and Community Loyalty is the Same Thing
Jul –   Self-Actualization of Your Community
Jun –  Local Business, Revitalization and Media – A Perfect Match!
Jun –  Imagination Marketing
Jun –  The Power of the Arts and Culture in Revitalization
Jun –  Civic Clubs Equals Community Growth
May – It Takes a Committed Community
May – Vision and Leadership Can Transform
May – Seize Your Opportunity
May – Intangible Benefits of Truly Local Shopping
May – Vote for Main Street
Apr – There Are Community Winners and Losers
Apr – Retail Apocalypse Can benefit Local Markets
Apr – Poverty Mindset Holds Communities Back
Apr – Community Branding, More Important Than Ever
Mar – Competing Locally in the Digital Age
Mar – Challenging Times Call for Innovative Thinking
Mar – Change Requires Effective Communication
Mar – Downtown Revitalization Leads Community Comeback
Mar – The Shear Power of Tourism Dollars
Feb – Downtown Revitalization is the Key
Feb – Know Your Competitors
Feb – Straight Talk About Business
Feb – How Successful Communities Attract Jobs
Jan – Success is Measured by the Lives We Impact
Jan – Communities Without Newspapers are Costly Information Deserts!
Jan – Facts, Figures and Logic for Truly-Local Spending
Jan – Truly Local State of Mind
Jan – What is Truly-Local DNA?







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