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Building Main Street, Not Wall Street!

Community news-media companies along with the communities that they serve are locked in an epic struggle., and most don’t even realize it. This struggle is sucking the lifeblood (money) right of their communities. As more and more chains, big boxes and Amazon dominate the economic landscape, more and more dollars leave our local community, never to return. This begins to cripple the communities along with the local news-media companies as local businesses can’t compete and are forced to close their doors. This weekly column, written from a newspaper and economic development perspective appears local to your market, helps to educate the entire community on this epic struggle and share ideas that any community and news-media company can advocate. The advice in the column will help newspapers build entirely new revenue streams as well as reconnect the media with the community as they lock arms and work together.

“Positively Speaking!”

Gary W. Moore has been hailed as “America’s Most Uplifting Column!” Growing from one to almost fifty newspapers in less than thirty months, Positively Speaking promotes an optimistic and positive view of life. Shouldn’t this positive weekly column be in your local newspaper? It can be! Gary is an award winning/critically acclaimed author of three books, including the bestseller, Playing with the Enemy.

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