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New Media Today

News Media Today (previously Strategic Lineup) magazine is a twice a year full-color and glossy 64-72 page magazine that mails 3-5 copies to each and every daily newspaper in the United States. The first one is mailed in the Jan-Feb window with the second one going out in late summer.

Along with the 360 Media Alliance which is taking on the topic and practice of creating alternative revenue and sharing those with the industry; the News Media Today is taking on that same role in 2019 and beyond.

Each issue, as in years past, will continue to showcases many of our outstanding business partners along with information having to do with audience, both print and digital; marketing, branding, loyalty, membership, distribution and so much more.

Each issue will also focus and highlight the various innovative and transformational practices that are sweeping the industry. This can include, but not be limited to topics relevant to audience, advertising, editorial, digital, events and any other alternative revenue stream that can be implemented with few dollars and resources. In short, each edition is so much more than what you may be use to and it is geared to be a guide for innovation and how to facilitate innovation within your media company.

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