BUILDING - Loyalty-In-A-Box


We all talk about building loyalty, implementing a membership program and so forth. The fact is, very few get very far beyond the talking stage and those that do, usually end up with a pretty weak and non-game-changing program.


Media Companies, Communities and even Businesses can now implement a loyalty program with little cost and no human capital investments. In fact, if you are community under 15,000 residents, a newspaper with under 5,000 subscribers or business with under $1,000,000 in annual revenue, your cost to implement your full-blown loyalty program is only $99/month.  In addition to the specific items you can offer as community, chamber, news media company or business, here are just a few of the additional components that will be made available for your program:

1) Initial & Ongoing Consulting On Maximizing the program
2) FREE Prescription Cards for those uninsured or marginally insured.
3) FREE National Magazine Subscriptions as often as three times per year.
4) FREE Credit Card Fee Elimination Program
5) FREE National Investment Newsletter
6) FREE Business Training Webinars Each Month
7) FREE weekly “Building Main Street, not Wall Street” column focused on building strong communities through loyalty & other means.

Successful loyalty or membership programs must be designed to appeal to a broad swath of your consumer or community base. While any one item in your program may appeal to only 10% of your potential base, by having 10-12 opportunities in your program, you have greater odds that one or more of those will appeal to nearly everyone.  Of course, in order to accomplish this, you must have as many items in the program as possible to appeal to many various needs. Our program is designed to provide items that appeal nearly everyone.


ONLY $99/Month
Community –  Size of Less Than 15,000
Media Company – Audience Less Than 7,500
Business – Annual Revenue Less Than $1,000,000

ONLY $199/Month
Community – Less Than 50,000
Media Company – Audience Less Than 25,000
Business – Annual Revenue Less Than $5,000,000

ONLY $299/Month
Community – Larger Than 50,000
Media Company – Audience Over 25,000
Business – Annual Revenue Exceeds $5,000,000


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