Media & Community Synergy Strategist, Audience, Revenue & Content Consulting

John A. Newby, 360 Media Alliance Founder and 30+ year
news-media veteran can strategize with your company
in the following areas:
- Building New Revenue Niches
- Reestablishing The Newspaper As The Town Square
- Events - Revenue Without Adding Resources
- Content as a Revenue Driver
- Obtaining Tourism and Entertainment Dollars
- Building Unbeatable Synergies with Local Communities & Government
- New Product Development on a Dime
- Building Consumer Loyalty That Drives Revenue
John has delivered strong tangible results for the Small
Newspaper Group, Sandusky Newspapers, CNHI, Omaha
World-Herald, MediaNews Group, Hearst Corp, & Media One.
A few of the highlights include:
• Build a 50K small market event with no added resources
• Helped newsrooms transition to Truly-Local DNA & drive Revenue
• Create regional marketing pieces that local and regional chambers love
• Employ a Truly-Local App and that builds subscriber loyalty, traffic & revenue
• Founded Starved Rock Country, a regional marketing brand that can be
  duplicated in nearly any market with the right strategy.
After the initial 3-5 day consultation, any future fees are established based on the projects you want implemented. In other words, we don't come in and just
advise, we come in make sure it happens with the least disruption to your
current workload.

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