"Building Main Street, not Wall Street" MAGAZINE

Building Main Street Magazine

The “Building Main Street, not Wall Street” magazine is a 6X a year  full-color and glossy 52-64 page digital magazine that reaches thousands of readers throughout the United States with each edition.  The first is set to launch in early fall and will continue every other month thereafter.

This magazine is brought to you by the 360 Media Alliance in partnership with the “Building Main Street, not Wall Street” writers.  It will feature many communities around the country that are working with their local media companies towards growth and revitalization.  It is our belief that both the news-media company and community MUST work together in order to sustain growth for both.

Each issue will show-cases many of our outstanding business partners along with information about them and what they can bring to your community.  These partners operate in the digital, print, e-commerce, newsletters, systems, loyalty and membership arena, branding, marketing, tele-services and so much more.

Each issue will also focus and highlight the various innovative and transformational practice’s that are sweeping the country. In short, each edition is so much more than what you might expect and is geared to be a guide for innovation and how to facilitate innovation within your community and news-media company.

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